Ships of the Line

USS Ark Royal

A former JAG officer, Commander Michael Tucker is given a promotion to Captain, after years of loyal service. He requests to take a ship he'd been in love with called, the Ark Royal. However, when he gets the "Ark Royal", instead of the Excelsior refit he saw before... He sees a newly refitted New Orleans class freighter. This ship is named the Ark Royal-A. He pulls together a crew of trusted associates and new officers waiting to be tested. It is charged with exploration of the Beta Quadrant with permission from the Beta Quadrant powers.

Heavily armed, it faces an unknown future, as the New Orleans class is regarded as a "guinea pig" ship with no longevity as a ship. Tucker and his crew set out to prove them wrong. As they set out, they also seek to find out exactly happened to the original Ark Royal out there...

USS Caduceus

The USS Caduceus is the flagship of Starfleet's Mobile Hospital fleet. The Dawnstar-class starship is ready to deploy to any emergency, support the ships of the line on the front line of any confrontation, or assist any world with medical emergencies. Captain Korani and crew are ready to answer the call. Anyone interested in solving problems with something other than a phaser or photon torpedo is welcome to join us!

Into The Darkening Tide

Assigned to the newly formed Federation Emergency Response Agency (FERA) organisation, a group made in the same mould as the Red Cross and other aid agencies of bygone eras scavenges a small taskforce of vessels manned by the civilian and ex-serviceman of the Federation, their mission isn't to go boldly where no one else has gone before.

USS Mercury

The year is 2378, it has been a little over two years since the end of the devastating and brutal Dominion War. Starfleet is in the process of rebuilding, but it takes time. The War left many scars. For now, Starfleet scrapes by with ships that ought to be retired. Some days, it seems as if the Mercury should be on that list.

Even with all her problems, the Mercury is the most capable ship in Starfleet's Sixth Fleet. In that capability, the Mercury is beginning a mission of exploration and guiding the long road to recovery.

USS Pegasus

The year is 2386 and the Dominion War is long over, but the Federation and their Allies are not out of the woods yet. The main limitation to recovery is scarcity of resources. An obvious solution for the Federation would be to expand, but with borders in all directions, there is no-where to expand ... or is there?

Pegasus is based in an un-explored area of space 500 light years from the Federation border. Pegasus is a completely original sim and is based around exploration and first contact.

USS Zealous

During the Dominion War Starfleet experimented with several new classes of starship in order to bolster their ranks. The Federation had rarely faced such a dangerous and relentless enemy. Starfleet and the Federation had to adapt in order to face the Dominion and to survive the conflict. The Prometheus Class starship was one of the results to this adaptation.

The USS Zealous is one of the few Prometheus class vessels produced by Starfleet. Showcasing the latest in defenses, ablative armor, multivector assault mode and more, the Zealous is one of the most dangerous vessels at Starfleet's disposal. But now Starfleet and the Federation have entered an era of peace. Can this attack cruiser find a place in Starfleet during the peace?