Before the Federation, the frontier still beckoned.


The Lexington, exploring the final frontier       The year is 2157, 6 years after the initial launch of the NX-01 Enterprise. The Lexington is the third NX class vessel to be launched by Starfleet for exploration, first contact and assistance with the protection of the various Earth transport ships throughout the system. Following the success of the NX-01 starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer, Starfleet has begun production of several NX class vessels to help Earth make it's way into the final frontier. Archer's ongoing mission has introduced Starfleet to several races and even many deadly threats. As such defenses must be available, but not at the expense of exploration. The Lexington is designed to walk that thin line.
      This ship is equiped with a Warp 5 engine, 3 phase cannons, and the other normal equipment of an NX class vessel. The transporters are still unreliable. The universal translator still requires a real person behind it. Numorous races of this area are still unknown. The adventure is just ahead.
Lexington Logo created by Thompson McGregor       This is the first "Enterprise" timeline Star Trek sim launched by the Starfleet Legacy Alliance (launched in March of 2002) and is now the most successful Enterprise sim in existance. Return back to when things were not as easy or comfortable, back to before Trek as we know it even was! Join today and help explore this still final frontier with a large and active crew. Welcome aboard... welcome to your new home.... welcome to the Lex.
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In loving memory of Michael C Back.