Welcome to Manheim Fleet!

Manheim Fleet is the home of PBeM and MB Star Trek simming in the Starfleet Legacy Alliance! This fleet is lead by a Fleet Captain. Our current Fleet Captain is Captain Kyle Soze, Commanding Officer of the USS Pegasus.

With experienced captains and devoted crews, we invite you to explore the sims of Manheim Fleet. Live the Star Trek dream and leave your mark on the galaxy as a part of the SLA!

The SLA formed in 2000 to create a high quality environment for simmers. As time has passed the group has grown by leaps and bounds. In 2002 the SLA created its fleet system, giving life to Manheim Fleet and its sister fleets, allowing each genre of sim to receive greater focus and attention.

Manheim is the host to two Message Board and four Play by Email Sims. If you want to explore each sim, then click the "Fleet" link above.

If you would like to learn more about simming or the SLA, visit the SLA website using the menu above. If you would like to join, then click the "Join" link.

We thank you for looking around our site. Any questions, contact our Fleet Captain, Captain Kyle Soze. He will be able to answer all questions or direct you to the right people.