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ALTAMIT is the new hybrid database for the USS Ark Royal-A. The Ark Royal is a New Orleans-class Freighter that was considered an "expermental" sandbox ship by Starfleet Research and Development.

The Ark Royal is the second Starfleet ship with the name. The original Ark Royal was an Excelsior class refit that was lost during it's last mission. It is still unknown where the original Ark is, but Starfleet has considered it a lost ship.

The Ark Royal is commanded by Michael Tucker and his executive, Calvin Rankin. It is the flagship of the 1st Ocelot Recon Fleet, charged with the security of the Beta Quadrant. As such, the ship is always far away from Sol Sector.

Current Roster

Command Staff

Captain Michael Tucker - Commanding Officer
Commander Calvin Rankin - Executive Officer

Flight and Operations

Lieutenant JG Hamp Walter - Logistics
Ensign Keith Alejandro Obregon - Chief Flight Operations Officer
Ensign Ryan King - Plans & Management Officer

Security / Tactical

Lt. Commander Kurayami Sennai - Chief of Security & Tactical
Ensign Draxx - Assistant Chief of Security

Intelligence / Strategic Operations

Lieutenant Carine Winter - Chief of Intelligence
Lieutenant JG Teagan Ceja - Assistant Intelligence Officer


Lieutenant Kerrigan Morgan, MD - Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant JG Falok - Chief Counselor
Ensign Brent Tainer - Medical Intern


Lieutenant Cho Bariel - Chief Engineering Officer

Marine Detachment

Marine Captain Mark Davis - Marine Detachment CO
2nd Lieutenant Trisha Logan - Marine Detachment XO

Ocelot Fleet

Ocelot Fleet is charged with reconnaisance and exploration of the Beta Quadrant. All ships in the fleet report to Admiral Curtis Thornleigh, who is the CO over Starbase 32 in the Bellatrix System. The base is overlooking the Tholian Assembly and the Gorn Hergemony.

Open Roster